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Had some time to kill whilst fighting off a cold the last few nights; couldn’t sleep properly and Home Shopping shows at 1AM just aren’t that interesting. On the bright side Victoria Principal and Cindy Crawford look great for their age and I've learnt that sheer something or other does wonders to hide your flaws.

There are a number of newbie threads on the forum and also more recently, feedback from members regarding such repeated questions. The below may assist?

Hopefully some of the Lurkers visiting the site turn into members and contribute to the Forum, as without continual building of the membership and knowledge base and without any new posts here, none of the Members will have a reason to return and the community here will fail. I like to think of the place as my morning newspaper and it's catered to my investing interests

As Dazz once put it in reply to another member

Originally Posted by QuyenAn2002
I don't want to see some sort of drawn out debate on this

Unfortunately Quyen, there's not much else to do on the good ship SS. :)

Lurkers and Newbies are like a new kid at school- you don't know anyone yet, so you observe the other kids interact amongst themselves, you build up the courage to try to strike up a conversation or find a common thread of interest with this new group as you see where you can fit in and have some fun, whilst you contemplate the risks of rejection and asking, or doing something percieved as dumb by your peers.

Some kids may know that feeling and invite you in...others may have a crack at your expense, it's all part of the assimilation process with a large group :D

There’s some great links below which should assist the newbies

Looking at the above and reading the forum then had me wondering about the number of Lurker’s who maybe log on and view without participating.

According to Wiki
In Internet culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a message board, newsgroup, chatroom, file sharing or other interactive system, but rarely or never participates actively.

Research indicates that "lurkers make up over 90% of online groups" (Nonnecke & Preece 2000). Lack of trust represents one of the reasons explaining lurking behavior (Ridings, Gefen & Arinze 2006).

That and our own viewing behaviour had me interested; so I had a look across the various Somersoft Forum categories to come up with the below list (please someone don’t tell me there was an easy Google way to do this) :mad:

Where to Buy, Property Finance, Information Resources, A great success story or three, Accounting and Tax Planning strategies, Debate and Controversy, Tips and Tricks of many trades as well as discussion of Interest Rates and the Stock Market or individual shares by the Members here, all apparently rate high and make for great reading by the membership base as well as Lurkers

The below Top 30 List is of the “Most Viewed Threads” across the Somersoft Forum

Title & Views

1. Purchasing in VIC - Frankston Area 90,246 views

2. 5 year fixed rates thread 53,499 views

3. Melton Vic. 48,291 views

4. Somersoft Spreadsheet Collection 44,428 views

5. How I got from just a PPOR to multi millionaire retiree in 5 years using only OPM. 43,549 views

6. Buying in the US 42,073 views

7. How we bought 20 IP's in 5yrs 36,481 views

8. Interest on Interest and Capitalising Interest - the Facts 33,494 views

9. Tell us about your lifestyle (wages, job, age) 32,980 views

10. Strong Growth in Brisbane 29,416 views

11. The off topic thread 27,290 views

12. Rocky, the next big thing ?? 26,230 views

13. BHP where to next? 25,417 views

14. Perth - Madness 25,010 views

15. Installing skirting boards 24,841views

16. here come the drums of a global slowdown.. 24,093 views

17. Derivix- Interest free loans? 23,397 views

18. $2m in 22 months - Rob's story .. 22,999 views

19. Peter Spanns new book title 22,451 views

20. Peter Spann Strategy- Anyone made it? 22,283 views

21. Living off equity – a Reality Check 22,221 views

22. The heat in Melbourne's Inner City Property Market continues 22,188 views

23. Ikea Kitchen Before and After photos 22,123 views

24. What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago that you know now? 22,070 views

25. Young investors - Tell all 21,393 views

26. 23 Properties in Five years 20,911 views

27. Do I need a quantity surveyor? 20,055 views

28. 1 Million in Equity 19,398 views

29. Word of Caution for the newbies 18,708 views

30. Commercial property education 16,734 views

31. Living off Equity - is this still an option? 16,407 views

Yeh, I know there's 31 not 30...but hey, you'll always get more value for money here

Its also worth searching the forum for the gems within and contributing to the Forum, like the hurdler below, you'll make it and its worth the effort


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wow - thanks for being sick. there are a few threads i had forgotten about that i must revisit now that we are retuning our plan.
No problems ;)

Some Classic threads in there and surprisingly, a few that were closed some time ago but still rate highly in the list.

Amazing gap between the Frankston thread and the rest