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1. How I got from just a PPOR to multi millionaire retiree in 5 years using only OPM.
By Keithj

2. 23 properties in 5 years
By Karina

3. Do you have an IP Financial Plan to get you to retirement?
By Keen

4. Different Implementations of the LOE
By Keithj

5. Capital gains.. from where exactly?
By Duncanm

6. Offer on property
By July

7. Housing Affordability
By Karina

8. should i hold or sell with loss??
By TigerGT

9. The Importance of Having a Buffer
By Skater

10. Young investors - tell all
By Wallace

AND Here are the Top 10 -Most Viewed Threads

1. How we bought 20 IP's in 5yrs
By Brenda Irwin

2. How I got from just a PPOR to multi millionaire retiree in 5 years using only OPM.
By Keithj

3. Peter Spann's new book title
By qaz

4.23 properties in 5 years
By Karina

5. Word of caution for the newbies.
By Devo76

6. Calling all pre 1990 buy and hold property investors
By Natedog

7. 1million in Equity!
By Trom

8. generational housing problem
By Kenneth

9. Re-assessing Strategy
By Steve Navra

10. Warning; Investors Club
By BayView