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Top Threads 2014 Update

I thought it maybe time to post another update on the top threads by views and ratings threads, there are some classics that are stalwarts within the sub-forum, as well as new and popular entrants that climb the list (think See Changes Secrets thread).

I also have a query that may affect the structure and format of the forum and sub-forums and it relates to use...

How do you use the forum?

When I log in, I automatically click "New Posts" and review all new posts of interest, hovering the cursor above a thread also gives me a content preview.

If I'm logging in elsewhere I'll click "today's posts". I think that to some degree it's human nature that we expect that everyone else sees and does things the same way that we do, I assumed everyone else here does the same as the above

I've found that some posts get moved to a new thread or a sub-forum by the mods or that someone may post a query on a couple of sub-forums, hoping it will get read and answered on one or the other sub-forum, thankfully, the mods clear this up also and keep everything on an even keel

I've oft fallen off in my etiquette also and not checked the "User CP" regularly to see any kudo's and respond with a thank you, if it's been a while since I checked, I feel bad replying so late in the piece

Some of the larger threads often wander into different areas and topics and may gems are to be found within,this is true of the archives also, as there have been some great and knowledgeable members in times gone past...and I'm sure, many more yet to come

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Top 10 Threads - Ratings

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That's funny, was chatting to Karina today she does not get on here too often these days, will tell her she got some top threads, I think her 23 property thread is my favourite of all time.