Total budget for a kit home?

Hi guys, hope you're all well.

I'm a first home buyer investigating a kit home build and am concerned about not budgeting for something that would blow my budget out.

wonder if anyone has an excel list detailing all the costs I need to consider?
Also wondering if anyone has recommendation on best quality best price suppliers of kit homes in NSW? I've read PAAL are best, but am uncertain.

Thank you in advance for your time and any advice.


Im not sure on your list, but have you sorted finance out yet? Being a first home buyer, you might have dificulty getting finance for a kit home. Lenders basically view them as Owner builders, and either dont lend at all, or to a very low proportion of the finished valuation.

Disregard if you are building for cash.
any reason why a kit home? looking at their prices you can build a project home thru a mainstream builder for similar money
I was researching this a while back and was told by the company to double the cost of the kit plus add a small buffer to get the total price. The kit I was looking at was 95k so was told 200-250k would be an estimated budget to do it as an owner builder. This was with Harkaway Homes. As the other posters have mentioned, you need to have I think a 40% deposit or more if you intend to get bank finance for it.
Check carefully as to what is included in the "kit".

Often it is for external walls etc to lock up only. No internal fittings at all included.

Advice to double the price and add on a bit is usual. A lot will depend on the quality and amount of the fittings you choose to add - the sky is the limit.

Having said that, it can work out. My sister and her husband did an owner build (her hubby had a few tradie relatives). They chose a kit for all the externals plus internal (steel) framework as it worked out more economical that way.