townhouse vs duplex

i'm looking to buy my first property, but i want to make it a rental property in 2 years. I've two options: Town house for 283K and a duplex for 338K both I guess will have low vacancy rate. At the current market the first one can be leased for 300$ pw and second one for 320$. will it worth to increase my debt by 50k for land value? I appreciate all views.

What are rates / Body Corp comparison?
What is the age and condition comparison?
Are they in the same area?
Demographics? Proximity to schools, shops and transport?

Lots of things to consider. I wouldn't be making a decision merely on price and set up of property type. :)
I like the building of the duplex but the price of the townhouse. I remember when I was a kid going into a toyshop and seeing two toy cars. I like the more expensive car but the price of the least expensive car. So I swapped the price tags and bought my preferred car at my preferred price. Unfortunately now everything is scanned and real estate have never had price tags on them anyway.

It really depends on the vendors and which will give you the better discount. Maybe you can get the duplex for $310 and the townhouse for only $278. Or maybe you can only get the duplex for $330 and the townhouse for $260.

Can't reallt compare until you know what you can really get them for. I'd be lowballing with sunset clauses and alternating offers until one of them accepts.