Townhouse Vs. House

I am looking to buy my first property. But i am in dilemma for choosing between townhouse (near city) vs. house (bit far) , as i have budget of 370k in Brisbane.

I want to buy property, which gives some capital growth / rental returns in future.

Please share your thoughts.
Without knowning what area you are looking its harder to comment.

But in general you can get better capital growth with either, it all depends on the area you are buying in and which is in higher demand in that area.
Are you going to stay in the property? If so, how long?

What are the rental returns for the townhouse compared to the house, assuming same buying price? Factor for the strata and other fees for the townhouse and regular maintenance for the house.

Check for the comparable capital growth for similar properties in similar suburbs. It will give you an idea.

Depending on the size of the house and other factors, you might be able to include a granny flat or get a dual occupancy for the house (not sure about the laws in Brisbane). This can increase rental returns.
@brady - I am looking in Brisbane southside. Townhouses around Carindale, Carina & for houses have seen few in Springfield Lakes. House prices around brisbane city is very expensive.

My question is - Is it worth to go outskirts to Springfield lakes to live in house(for capital growth) or get a townhouse nearby to city.
Do townhouse appreciate as houses? I am looking to stay around 2-4 years.
The age old answer - DEPENDS.

Have you checked out comparable sales of townhouses/houses. Various websites (particularly in Qld/NSW) have great access to past sales which would give you an idea of which properties in that location have increased the most.

OR - you could check out the back of property mags for the comparison between houses and units for particualr suburbs.
$370k would put you in a relatively new 1/2 br in carina, or an older 3 br.
Overall its a decent area, growth seems okay (get RP data reports etc. If you're spending over a quarter mil, its worthwhile to get the data to make the right decisions.)
Turnover in rentals seems pretty high (in my opinion.. I live in a rental in that area too.)
But occupancy rates look okay. (re-listing fee's, etc still a pain.)

Re Springfield Lakes.. Uhh.. You're not a QLD native are you? I'd STRONGLY suggest you do a search on the forums for other peoples posts on Springfield Lakes. My personal opinion is, nice houses, okay facilities, way too far from Brisbane CBD (google maps is dreaming with its 30 minute estimate to the CBD. Try it during peak hour)/the bay, TERRIBLE NEIGHBOURS. All of the value to me looks like its in the houses, not the land, so I can't imagine CG's would be great (this is speculation, pay the $$, get the data.)

The crime probably isn't as bad as forest lakes, but I'd bet its up there, probably a top 10. You've got some really shitty nearby suburbs (redbank, Goodna, Inala.) Who are more than happy to take a 20 minute drive down the road to knock off your McMansion. (The semi-regular Current Affairs stories about forest lakes / springfield lakes residents who've been robbed X times aren't great for property values.)
You've got some really shitty nearby suburbs (redbank, Goodna, Inala.)

I've lived in two of these suburbs for more than 5 years. There are some streets/areas within these suburbs that I would rather not live in but I don’t think it is fair to label the whole suburb as "shitty".

There are many suburbs in the outer west & south-west of Sydney that I would consider to be less desirable places to live than any suburb in the Brisbane area.