Tracking down half brothers


Again not property related but what a story....

So, i have this old Italian tiler come to do some work for me. As usual, i like to talk to them as they are working....

He was just sharing with me how he is going to Italy to settle his mother's estate. Apparently, just before his mum died, she divulged that he actually has two half brothers living half way across the world in Argentina! This happened when his dad was a sailor in a merchant navy. She told him to try and track down his brothers as he is now the only one left in the family.

I was very interested and told him i'll try to track them down. All he has is the town name where the boys were born and their first and last names....

Anyone has any suggestions how i should approach this? I tried to search the internet residential directory but have come out blank.
Why not try facebook? I have heard a few stories of long lost relatives finding each other through it, and I myself have had more than one person with the same surname as me enquire if I am the daughter of such and such.
Adoption Jigsaw WA are the people to get results

Adotption Jigsaw WA do international searches and have high success rates. The are located in Cottesloe.

You can also contact the eqivalent in other states but I do not know that they offer the search service as does WA.

Good luck.