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Hi All,

Does anyone know if Traralgon Vic. is a good place to invest in? What Capital Growth has it risen since the market boomed this year and people are going crazy buying properties?
I am thinking of investing here as most of the yields are from 10-13%.

YOur thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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From: Anonymous

The ONLY reason the Traralgon market is booming is because of all the Burley clones driving the market.

Tread very carefully !!
Watch out when the music stops.

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From: J U

As an ex Traralgonite, I am amazed at the high returns despite the high unemployment and lack of infrastructure! Interesting to note you can purchase a property for $35k, 12 miles away in Morwell / Moe!
I will investigate further when we return for xmas to see family if you're interested.
PS Burley who????
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From: Jakk Bass - The SLUM LORD

Hi all,

"Traralgon oh sweet Traralgon"

In July last year I purchased a block of 6 x 1 BR flats in Traralgon for $145,000.
The annual return at that time was around $20,000.
Since then I have had all flats repainted over the period and replaced carpets and added louvre curtains at a total cost of $9,500 (did the painting myself).

Annual return as of today $28,000.

The agent that manages the property has asked if I want to sell now and reckons that $210,000 - $220,000 is not out of the question.
Told him if he can get $230,000 net I would shed a tear or two, but I would sign the dotted line.
It's true that capital gain doesn't just happen in Traralgon, so go out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The only drawback was that I had to tip in $45,000 as a deposit as this was the only way to get financing. (maybe I should have spoken to Rolf first?)

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