Tree pruning.??

From: Francoise B

Hi all
Your thoughts & experiences would be appreciated on this. Neighbour of an IP enquired whether we could cut down a 6m tall gum tree in our yard because its putting too many leaves on his roof. My first reaction was this is a large cost and would reduce my cashflow. Any experience in this area?

Many Thanks
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From: See Change

First reaction is , Can you cut the gum tree down. Many councils have strict policies about trees , esp natives. In ku ring gai , an incorrectly cut down gum tree can cost 10 K in fines.

Check with council as first step.

If you are happy to have tree cut down ( in some areas trees will add value to your property ) but he is the main beneficiary , ask him if he would like to contribute to the cost.

see change

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From: Manny B

I had a case where I had a large Pine in the back of one IP & was asked by the neighbor if I could cut it as the roots had cracked her paths & BBQ area (roots were visible near the surface)... She had called her insurance & was told they would not cover it & should chase $$$ off me if I didn't cut it (she had told the previous owner about it years ago but had ignored her request than sold the IP to me)...

I knew that it was the first time she approached me, so I thought I better play it safe & cut it down (cost me $700, tax deductible) before she put in a claim against me if I refused to cut it asking me to re-pave her BBQ area... Now she is a happy neighbor & has cleared my back yard (now its is clean & ready to pop another villa unit when I'm ready)...


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From: Mark Laszczuk

My landlord has this very issue with the council. She wants a gum tree outside our block of flats cut down (she owns the lot) cause it puts leaves in the gutter. Reckons she has been fighting with them for "years" over it. Frankly, I hope neither people (my landlord or your neighbour) wins, cause we need as many beautiful trees and other flora as possible. Remember, animals and the earth rely on trees for housing, etc. Imagine if someone came and chopped your place down cause it was inconvenient for them. Tell the guy to get those gutter guard things that stop leaves from getting in the gutters.

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From: Adam Randall

get a booklet called neighbours,trees, and the law. Anyone trying to claim for damage a tree has caused will have a massive uphill battle. We are trying to get a neighbour to cut down a rubber tree (about the worst kind for root damage). first question would be how much damage was caused by the tree, and how much is caused by reactive soil etc, how would you prove this figure. The best thing you can hope for is a reasonable neighbour.
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