Tree uprooted - damages to property

I own an investment property in lower Hunter Valley, NSW. During the rain and cyclone-like conditions that happened over the last 2 days, the rather large gum tree in my backyard has been uprooted. While falling, it has apparently clipped the a bedroom of the house and the sunroom and most of it has fallen down on the neighbour?s roof (causing considerable damage).

The property is currently unoccupied with the last set of tenants leaving on 9 April 2015 and new ones were supposed to start early May. The new tenant was approved, but we (the agency) were waiting for the deposit from them to confirm.

I spoke to my insurers (EBM / RentCover) and they, on the phone, advised that:

  • They will need photos of the damage.
  • They will need quotes (at least 1, considering current circumstances)
  • They will pay for the removal of the tree.
  • They will pay ASAP any reasonable quote for the repair works.
  • They will pay only 50% damage to the fence as it is shared with the neighbours.

They advised that they will not pay for any of the costs for the neighbour?s repairs and it is a matter for them to take it up with their insurer.

I have passed the relevant information to my Property Managers and they have promised to take pics, arrange for quotes and make the claim on my behalf and follow up on the matter.

Is there anything I have missed or should do as a landlord at this stage? Is there any protection within the insurance for loss of rent whilst in between tenants and with the new tenants being unable to start on time?

Thank you for your time.