truss missing in roof

i looked around in the roof of my investment property and noticed that one of the trusses had been cut out.
this is a tiled roof.

i have the hot water tank in the roof so someone must had cut out the truss years ago to make space to remove the tank, but did not replace the truss.
i have owned the house for over 10 years.

question: is this roof structurally sound and will it void my insurance contract if something happens?
tile battens span two lengths instead of usual distance.

doesn't seem to make any difference because i have walked on roof over this section and seems solid enough... roof doesn't bend or make any noises.
i was worried because landlord insurance contract says property must be well maintained and in good order.
if roof gets blown off by storm the insurance company could turn around and say the missing roof truss caused the problem and then not pay out on claim... we are dealing with sneaky folks here.
How old is the house? are you sure it is a factory manufactured truss or is it stick built i.e. built on site?

If it's stick built and you need to replace the hot water system, you cut the rafter at 45* above the perlin, remove/replace the hot water, then nail the rafter back into place, and put the battens and tiles back on.

If this has been done and they haven't replaced the rafter, it's probably in the roof somewhere and could be put back into place.
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