Turning carport into an enclosed garage

My 4 x 1 house in Armadale WA has a single carport for parking. It is brick and tile with carport under the same roof.

New tenant had a ute he is doing up (well one day it will be I am sure) and 2 other cars that the family uses. He asked for a shed to put the ute in. Shed won't fit out the back yard cause you can't drive down the side. But shed would add value to the place.

Three options
1. Enclose the current carport with colourbond or hardiflex with double doors at front and back of carport then add double carport in front of that. Enclosing cost around $3600 plus carport around $4500.

2. Just add a double carport to the front. Cost $4500

3. Just add a shed to the front corner of property. Cost around $4500

Adding a carport or enclosing a shed will add value and keep the ute stuff from being scattered around.

Any ideas or thoughts?


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Hehe, that photo looks like some of my properties :)

Things you need to weigh into your decision.

Why are you doing this; as a favour because he's your friend?
What does it mean for your bottom line; increased rent, increased revaluation, increased depreciation?
Whats the longer term plan for this property? Renovate it one day? Or demolish it to build multiples?
You do realise that you are not obligated to do it, don't you? When your tenant moved into this house, he rented AS IS.

IF you do decide to do this, what is the benefit to you, other than a happy tenant, who will now realise that their Landlord is a soft touch & keep asking for stuff? Is there one? How much extra rent will you get for the expense? Can this be relied upon from future tenants as well, ie, do houses the same as yours consistently rent more with a garage that they do without one?

By enclosing that carport, you will lose a lot of light into that front room with the window and it will look really tacky unless it is done well.

Maybe your tenant, if this is so important to them, should have rented a place with a garage.
Hey guys, I really appreciate your comments.
It's harder to work out the return. From a rent point of view, I won't get more this year. I would get depreciation. Property is already positive so thats a bonus. It's easier to rent next tenant turnover.

The reason I'm considering it is because I do need to do some work on the outside to even up the backyard (used to have a pool and now it's a got a large dent in the backyard) and the front is overgrown with dirt and brown grass. Soooo tempting to get it right now. Tenant asked if he could go halves in putting up a structure and I said I would consider it.
Inside is all renovated and good. I would like to do a few things to the outside to make it more desirable to a better clientele for the future.

It surprises me there were so many people who wanted it even with dipping lawns and dead grass. 4 beds are a premium in Armadale. Tenants in the area are using couples with 2 cars so having cover for 2 cars is good. It is already top dollar. I tested the marked at $440 per week and got no one. At $420 per week it was busy with enquiries.

I give this some good thought..Thank you again.