TW/Colin Croft Show

From: Bruce Graham

Saw TW/Colin Croft TV interview the other week, the only thing that I can remember about the programme was the look on both their faces when asked the value of their properties. Shock,absolutely shocked.
Both admitted to a value of $2million plus.
But they didn't look at ease answering the
It seems to me that it doesn't matter how much our properties are worth because we will never own them. The banks own them and
give us, the pleasure of paying interest
on them for the rest of our lives.Does this make sense?
I have three,one bedroom units in Sydney
valued at over $1million.
Means absolutely nothing.I'm still as poor as a church mouse.
The thought of paying the banks for ever gives me a touch of them(the shits).
TW/Colin Croft are all properties i/o loans,
or split with p/i loans? Would be nice to know.
Bruce G.(Sydney).
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From: Bruce Graham

Sorry I called you Colin, he's the bloke who plays cricket for the the West Indies.I love that game,so it wasn't an
Bruce G.(Sydney)
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From: H T

Actually it does mean something if you have 1m in ip's

Considering that they double in value roughly every 7yrs (assuming 10%) probably unrealistic, but say 9 yrs, well even if you owed 90% and didnt pay a cent over that period then you would end up with 2m in property with 900k oweing..end result 1.1 equity.

might not be a real lot in 9 yrs but it beats most other forms of investment.

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From: Jeremy Laws

Have to comment!
TW has spent all the time she possibly can denying to anyone who will listen that she owns anything. She cites that she is scared of her children being kidnapped. I find this attitude so annoyingly childish and amazingly hypocritical for someone who on the other hand promotes herself shamelessly as a property guru whenever she can. You can't have it both ways. ESPECIALLY when she is, or at least has used the 'free' time, money and advertising from Jan and Micheal Somers.

Micheal Croft is entitled to secrecy as he makes intelligent and well thought out comments (as does the dubya it must be said!) without recruiting the 'freestyler' TM people to do the aggrandising for him.

I know TW is amazingly successful. At my best estimation (she wrote recently she goes to incredible lenghts to decrease her debt to nothing whenever she can) she would own 40-50 properties at least. These would be lesser style 'cashflow' properties with a few exceptions. I will say that this is entirely my guess, and gleaned mainly from the chat. Her lack of income when she started has tuaght me HEAPS! I see that for the right type of person (and she is an amazing example) success is easier when you aren't 'spoilt' by a high income. You HAVE to make things work as there is nothing 'spare.' You also would be encouraged by early successes, and your job is less to lose (if that makes sense)

The reason I mention this is because she 1) should be so very proud of what she has done and 2) because when I first started chatting she was highly inquisitive of what everyone else had, yet was the most incredibly slippery person when ever she was asked about her portfolio. Incongruous (to me at least!)on a property and investing website that relies entirely on good information from everyone else! Everyone else by the way who DON'T charge a fee Amway style to give their opinions.

Credit where credit is due and I am very proud to know her (almost personally!) and wow has she done well! But for the reasons above I really had to say something. Apologies to everyone if offence has been taken
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From: The Wife


Oh bugger it, I couldnt be bothered.

Cheers TW
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From: The Wife

On 4/17/02 2:22:00 PM, Bruce Graham wrote:
>Saw TW/Colin Croft TV
>interview the other week, the
>only thing that I can remember
>about the programme was the
>look on both their faces when
>asked the value of their
>properties. Shock,absolutely

Bruce, you know, I dont think it was shock, it was probably more annoyance, ( i thought that question wasnt going to be asked....everydays a learning curve) its so difficult to make a dollar value statement, and then try to explain how I worked it out when I know its probably going to be cut to shreds and the whole thing jumbled up.

>Both admitted to a value of
>$2million plus.
>But they didn't look at ease
>answering the
>It seems to me that it doesn't
>matter how much our properties
>are worth because we will
>never own them. The banks own
>them and
>give us, the pleasure of
>paying interest
>on them for the rest of our
>lives.Does this make sense?
>I have three,one bedroom units
>in Sydney
>valued at over $1million.
>Means absolutely nothing.I'm
>still as poor as a church
>The thought of paying the
>banks for ever gives me a
>touch of them(the shits).
>TW/Colin Croft are all
>properties i/o loans,
>or split with p/i loans? Would
>be nice to know.

** Bruce, mine are all of the above, I'm happy to explain my simplistic way of investing ( the best way? who knows , i just do what I know)if we should meet up somewhere at one of the regular do's. I would also like to know about your million dollar properties.

>Bruce G.(Sydney).

Cheers TW
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From: G V


from the memory it was several millions dollars .
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From: Bruce Graham

G'Day TW,
I think I can remember some thing you were saying about your properties were a mixed bag.(I/O and P&I).
Mine are not so grand. Three, one bedroom
units.One in Harbord,water views. Purchased
price $200,000. Valued March at $330,000.
Rented out at $295.00 per week.
Second one is a serviced apartment in Chatswood. Purchased at $344,000 off the plan.Valued at $350,000. Meriton is building bloody millions of apartments at Chatswood.
Destroying the value of everyone's units.
Chatswood is leased for 10 years plus two 5 year options.Rents for$430.00 week.
third one in DEE Why paid $302,500 now
valued at $347,000.
The DEE Why unit is a top quality unit (executive rental). Rents for $335.00 week.
But my pride and joy is the taxi I have. It's the best wage earner going.
I have week, night and day drivers,and weekend night driver. I drive on Saturdays and Sundays.
TW if ever you find your life boring come down to Sydney (with a taxi licence),and do a
shift.You will die of shock or love every minute of it.
If you ever meet up with any cabbies the stories they come up with are endless, could
almost write a book on them.
I'll meet up with you at one of your Freestyler's meetings soon.
Bruce G.(Sydney).
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From: .watto .

Amazing was chatting with business partner today about taxi licences...

Any ideas on what they are worth in Vic????

Melb Freestyler
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TW/Colin in a TAXI SEAT

From: Gee Cee Clay

The cost of Taxi Plates were once a barometer of economic times and how the economy was performing.

Is this still the case.

What price is a set of Sydney plates worth now days?
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