Typical Depreciable Items in an IP

Can someone please give me an idea of what items in an IP are considered depreciable? Are we talking basically everything except the structure itself?

Examples that come to my mind are:

Kitchen/Laundry Appliances (built in)
Carpets and Underlays
Light Fittings
Electrical Switches?
Sanitaryware (Toilets, Basins, Baths)
Kitchen Cupboards/Benches
Laundry Cupboards/Benches
Heaters and Air Conditioners
Hot Water Storage Tanks or Appliances
Fixed Furniture-like joinery (eg. built-in bookshelves)
Fixed Glass and Mirrors

In Strata developments it also seems the common area can be depreciated according to my "share"? Has anyone experience with this?



Yes, strata allows your QS to depreciate your share of the items that are classed as common. This includes plant and equipment: letterboxes, carpet in stairwells and hallways, light fittings, signage, washing machines (if applicable) and bathroom items (if applicable), as well as switchgear (something to do with the electricity I am assuming). Even the mirror in the driveway to check for outgoing traffic is depreciable. A good QS will know all the specifics.
Have fun!