UK property portfolio management



From: Chris Hills

I am based in Sydney but am a Director of a UK based property portfolio management firm which works with property investors to develop and manage their investment properties in the UK.

We are keen to work with Australian investors and property companies

Pls email me if you are interested at
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From: See Change


maybe you could post in more details as to what you would see the advantages of investors in Oz , investing in the UK , outside that of diversification.

Happy christmas See Change

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From: Jeremy Laws

I assume you charge that exorbitant 15% management fee that everyone else does? Where are you based, and what do you specialise in?

Unless they are charging a reasonable management fee like the rest of the world then I don't see any advantage at all. The US returns are better, and a lot closer. I am looking at buyin UK properties but in very specific areas (and I _may_ tell you where they are - There will almost certainly be more than 1, unlike Sydney!) for very specific purposes. I'll let you know!
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