Unit roof conversion

We own a top floor strata unit in a block of 11. It is a 2003 built 2 level complex. I'm planning in approaching the body corporate to acquire the roof space above our unit and was wondering if anyone has done this in the past and whether you have any tips on how to go about it.

It's currently a 2 bed unit and my plan was to create a 3rd bedroom. Obviously I know there is planning risk and engineering issues to be overcome. I'm more concerned about the legality and documentation of transferring ownership / increasing unit entitlement etc.

We also own a second unit in the complex which will help in getting a proposal through BC.

Hi prandsa

First of all, good luck with this - I expect you will be up for a lot of work around this project.

Is the roof a truss roof? If so then it may not even be possible without changing the whole roof structure. I would suggest that the owners corp would be strongly opposed to anyone removing the roof and redoing it

However let's say it's not. You will need to talk to the body corporate - you may need to 'buy' the roof space (if they would even sell it to you), your unit entitlement would also definitely change. You'll likely be responsible for maintaining the whole roof so if there are any leaks at all you will be responsible to fix and pay for it. Also you may need to think about council approval as well and this could be even uglier than the BC issues!

I would suggest that the more likely outcome is that they would grant you exclusive use of the area so you can use it for storage etc but not for a 3rd bedroom.

I've not tried this personally but have a colleague who has but the block was a much older complex. The amount of work he went through to get only a small gain (he was not permitted to use the whole roof space) was not worth it.

Good luck.
You really need to speak with your body corp at the next meeting to sus them out,
if you have a friendly mob and they see the potential for doing this to their own
unit it may be easier than you thought.
You will need a solicitor involved to sign up agreement that makes you responsible for the ongoing maintenance or any defects to the works done.
And of course council approval.
Yep there's definitely going to be hurdles but I have heard of ithervpeople doing it. It is a pitched roof so there should be room.

I'm thinking I would have to buy it and offer to undertake all maintenance etc however I don't know if it has a real value to anyone but me so it can't be worth much to buy. In fact, it could be argued I was removing a liability for the BC so they should give it ton me :).

Of course other top floor owners should have the same right.
Sure, I think go for it. However never underestimate what "value" means to people. Think of it this way... Why should the owners on the top floor get to solely benefit from something that belongs to the whole complex without paying for the privilege or effectively "buying" the percentage that belongs to others?

To use an example, one of our neighbouring developers moved our easement without telling us and then built right on top of where the easement previously was. Honestly, we could care less and in fact the easement was in a better location than it was previously. Value to us? Very low. Cost to him? $50,000 plus all legal fees that he paid to us before we granted permission so he could get an occupancy certificate.

Value is about perception. Don't underestimate it.

Good luck!