Unlucky with Propert Managers in Cranbourne, any suggestions?

Hi All,

I have had an IP in Cranbourne for about 5 years now. I left the first real estate agent as the PM there was very slack, particularly with communication. The agency ended up letting the PM go but I had decided I was moving on.
I went to another agency in Cranbourne, signed up, and low and behold the same PM had moved there too and was managing my property. I raised my concerns with the boss but was assured all would be fine. They now have since let the PM go as well.
The standards haven't lifted and I keep getting told "sorry we forgot to execute the rental increase" sorry we forgot to put the new contract forward to the tenant" and I get property reports with pictures of damage, with no explanations at all as to what has happened and when/if it will be fixed.

Does anyone have a PM that keeps them in the loop and actually has standards?
Or does anyone manage their own property privately?

Any suggestions of decent PM's would be greatly appreciated, and/or info on managing a property privately.

Thanks TT
Exceptional property managers carry out inspections every 6 months and give you a report once a year. Try working with a smaller firm that can give you the attention you deserve.

If you like I could ask around to see if we can come up with a referral. Would that help?