Upcoming Event for Freestyler Events

Freestyler Events will be holding their Biggest Event to date, it will be held in Sydney on the 30th November 2002.

The venue has been booked, the speakers have been contracted.

We are in the last throws of finalising this full day event (and evening for some), before complete announcements are made.

Stay tuned...

More To Come...


Well, the Make It Big event is booked and the advertising has commenced.

Freestyler Events is presenting MAKE IT BIG with great Australians who have Made It Big.
Big Kev (http://www.bigkev.com.au) Bob Ansett (http://www.bobansett.com.au) Tony Commisso (http://www.acca.com.au) and Candy Tymson (http://www.tymson.com.au) are our presenters for this one day event at Taronga Park Zoo conservation theatre.

This event is directed towards entreprenuers and small business people who want to learn how to increase there cashflow and lift their bottom line profits. Techniques on enhancing your small business, marketing strategies, how to take the first step to creating positive cashflow, how to unleash your independence.

Check out the following website if your interested.