Update: neighbours house 4sale

From: Whittaker Hamilton

A update for those of you that helped me originally.As previously mentioned in another thread Neighbours house is up 4 sale.

I have decided to go with a rival agent and signed up today at a fair market value.
They have a open home tommorow and I am intending to have the realestate billboard up in time for it.
Ours house is nicer and on the market in same price range , so now hopefully I am going to get interested people from next door through our place..

I am off to the bookstore to inquire about DIY conveyancing kits, I maybe able to save more $$ that way too.

All I can do now is cross my fingers.
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From: Sim' Hampel

I can vouch for the usefulness of signage when other agencies are having open inspections.

Last year we were looking at a house in an area we don't normally look at, and three houses up the road we noticed another for-sale sign, which we stopped and read. It proved to be essentially a block of 4 units showing almost 10% return in a great rental area, with lots of potential for improvement. And it had not been advertised in the paper !

If we had not driven past, we would not have seen it, and if there was not a sign out in front we would not have known. We weren't really interested in the original house we saw, but we bought the units !

Obviously, an active marketing campaign would bring in the buyers, but in this case they had reasons for not wanting to actively market the property just yet, so went for the low key and cheap option of a sign board out the front and an entry on their website. We were able to get in and negotiate and work with the vendors requirements which made things easier for everyone, and a lot cheaper for the vendors because of the lack of media advertising.

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