Updating of data on YIP online/RPData websites

I use the hot suburbs section of YIP online to track how suburbs are moving from month to month.

You might already be aware of this, in which case I apologize in advance, but this is fraught with danger if you base your investing decisions on month-to-month median sales price data movements.

Property is not like buying a share like say BHP or RIO. No one property is the same as another. If you really want to engage in this sort of behavior then at least view price movements over a 6 month period and even then...........
Thanks prop, yep part of the larger picture and like to monitor the location movements, particularly for where I already own. Knowing that these figures are 2 months in lag, I take the longer term trend view.

I realise the more the property is away from the median price, the more the property will vary from the median price movements, I use it for a guide