Updating TICA default records.

G'day all,

I am hoping that you can help. I had a tenant default, got a QLD QCAT order a few years ago. The tenant has now repaid the owed money.

I'm not sure but the tenant may have been listed on TICA. Our relationship with the REA is now hostile. The REA didn't utilise TICA previously.

The defaulting tenant is now requesting that I assist him with updating his TICA default history. I am more than happy to do so, if it assists him. I am unsure if he has ascertained whether he has been listed on TICA.

He is also willing to pay the $5.95 per minute for the phone call to do so. I have had a look and the TICA website without much success.

Is there a best way to update TICA? Although it won't be my money I still don't want the tenant to pay 1900 rates for my phone call.

If there are cheaper/better ways, I'm all ears.

Cheers all.
Sure is get the tenant to contact the Real Estate agent to see if they put him on tica. Although the agent should have advised him in writing if there were going to do so.

If the agent says yes, then you can write to the agent and let them know the debt has been paid and they can put zero's debt against the tenants file. I think then only the agent can ask to have the tenants details removed from the TICA system.

If they refuse to then the tenant can apply to the tribunal to have it removed.
Quickest way is for Tenant to contact TICA directly by phone, fax or mail. There is a small fee (eg. $19.80 by mail).

If nothing comes up, then no further action.

If something has been registered then details of Agent who listed him will be available and the Tenant can then deal with the Agent for the removal of the listing.

Thanks for your help guys.

I'm still waiting for clarification that the tenant is listed on TICA. As I mentioned, the landlord/former agent relationship is very hostile so I expect and ask for zero assistance from them. Years ago when I first requested details of whether they had listed the default, they refused to provide me with any database agency that they utilised. Just answering that they use one. I contacted TICA and they advised me that that particular agency wasn't recorded with them, or something similar.

I'll get the tenant to do a bit more ground work first.

I rang TICA. Explained the scenario that debt has been paid etc, and they said that as is a QLD matter, tenant has to apply via QCAT for court order to have name removed. I rang TICA and they have forwarded the form. Off to QCAT it is for the tenant.