Urgent advice please!! Can I ditch my PM

Hi all

I have a 3 bed IP here in Brisbane. On Friday I received notice that the tenants intend to leave at the end of their lease in 2 weeks time. I need the place tenanted asap, so I advised my current property manager to re-list it immediately. And because they had the photos/details/etc the property was listed on re.com.au about 2hrs later.


I don't like/trust my property manager and want to get rid of them. They're hopeless. I only instructed them to relist it as it was easy, quick and convenient.

Do I have any obligation to them after the current lease with the existing tenants expires? I am aware that the standard period for revoking the appointment is 90 days, however what happens in this instance (where the end of the lease is 2 weeks away)? Surely I would only be obliged to pay them until the end of this lease? What I'd like to do is list the property with another agent instead of having them handle it.

Thanks in advance.
Have a chat to your prefered PM. in the past I have left all transition/handover issue to the new PM....

Of course, then I get a call from the old PM pleading their case for me to stay with them.... :)

The Y-man
First of all, read the agreement you signed with your present PM.

To be fair, you have re-listed the property with them so they are entitled to find you the tenant. If all else fails, give the required notice and move. Just make sure you check out the new PM thoroughly and don't jump from the frying pan into the fire.