USA - Where to look/What it will rent for/How to buy

Dekalb Dump

Posted this in a separate thread but everything tends to get lost so this is the boundary of "stinky" place.... I loosely coined it the "map for france" so that you can quickly see for yourself on any property where you lie...

If you are buying anywhere in or near the perimeter of:

Bouldercrest on the west, Panthersville road on the northwest, River Road to the North, Linecrest to the east, Ward Lake to the South - AKA map of France looking boundary ... BE VERY VERY AWARE...

For instance, SixOaks off Oakvale is definitely affected, Tolliver and that subdivision has it....Patti Parkway is where one of my painter lives and she definitely smells it.

Any house within 1/2 a mile outside of that boundary I pretty much either avoid completely or do the sniff test... And even then it is pretty specific... Namely 3 residents need to swear they have lived there longer than 5 years and never smelt anything. That is just me.

Again, this isn't to make it a no... Just a "be aware" and formulate your own opinion. As you would with anything of that ilk. This dump just happens to be enormous and not going anywhere......
Hello all,
Are there still good opportunities to purchase in the US, and if so, which states/cities are still giving good cashflow (with capital growth to boot)? I am considering purchasing through an Australian-based buyers agent company.

hi guys....a word of advice

property investing is already hard enough buying in your own backyard (Australia)

for those even dreaming of venturing into the states, do not buy direct, get exposures through USD listed companies or even US banks (ie citibank, bank of america)

these will give you good exposures without the scams!