Used up PM's goodwill?

I requested the PM to help me inspect the properties which I am buying sight-unseen (and in turn the PM will manage the property), and it seemed that I have used up the goodwill? Said will contact the agent with the property, but when I emailed the agent, he said no-one has contacted him.

I guess I am to find another PM who is willing to do the legwork?

Has anyone encounter such problems?

I wanted to put more IPs under the PM. I think asking the PM to look at more properties than I have purchased gets on the nerve?......hmmmm,
I wouldn't expect a PM to do that for free, regardless of how much of my business they already had. Why wouldn't they just pop in for 2 minutes to the open inspection nearest their office and say "yep its good, buy it"?

If you were to cough up a slab per open you'd probably get a much better evaluation :)
What are you wanting them to do, precisely? If you're already fairly sure about buying (or at least making an offer), and just want them to let you know whether they think they can easily tenant it and at what level, then I think that's reasonable, particularly for a PM you already have a relationship with.

If, however, you're asking them to do your DD for you, then that's not reasonable. By which, I mean asking them to look at a number of properties before you're seriously interested in buying, asking them for an opinion about whether you should buy, asking them to inspect the building in any detail etc - none of that is reasonable, IMHO.
Yes i think as others have said it will come down to what you are wanting them to do/report for you exactly.

You may also find that other agents dont like PM's from other agencies coming through their listings... so may not have returned your PM's calls and might be telling you they never heard in a hope of picking up the PM business for themselves.. Also if the open houses are on a saturday, chances are your PM is busy doin their job at showings etc and might not be able to make the times.

I would think you would have more luck sending the PM the advertising link and asking them what they know about the property/area and there thoughts on tenancy. If they have been around for a while chances are they will know the property/building etc and may be able to give you insight without necessarily looking at the property.
Both Ozperp and Alabex hit it on the head. I think if you are wanting to buy something in the area, you should bite the bullet and GO THERE, do the DD and ONLY involve the PM for PM related things. Find out what sort of properties rent best, what is the best area, etc. Then YOU look at the properties.

Another option is to use a buyers agent. I think from your post, you are expecting the services of a buyers agent for free, from your PM. This is not their job.
I've done this once previously, but it was more to accompany me to an inspection to determine whether a fairly unique property would be rentable. I do drop her a mail occasionally when I see something that I like just to get a 5 second opinion. She's offered to check out places for me which I greatly appreciate, but the $23/week in PM fees is far too little to be expecting her to do things like this even on an occasional basis.
I'm a little bit confused - why did you want to PM to inspect the property? To do a rental val?
If you are not happy with the service, speak with them about it. At the end of the day, you are engaging them to manage more properties for you, I would think they would jump at the chance?!
Why don't you offer the PM a fixed price for an agreed service if what you're asking is now considered "above and beyond"?

Could be a win/win - you get some eyes and ears on the ground, they get paid!
hmmmm, clarifying here......

I just need the PM to have a general look around in the house, that's all. No broken windows/doors, or any floor movement.........

And PM's opinion if it's easy to rent out (location/condition/etc....), and stuffs like that.

When she's like ok, go for it, then building and pest inspectators will go in,
So you want this PM to look at a bunch of properties for you because they might get a chance to manage one if you buy it?
If her agency was selling the properties you might have a chance, or if you wanted her to just look at one property, but getting her to look at multiple properties isn't going to happen I would say.
Have to agree with all here.

Why would your PM take on such a HUGE responsibility?

What are the repercussions, should your PM miss a faulty tap or an oven that doesn't work? Any floor movement? Was your PM a builder?

What experience has your PM, that you would put complete trust in him/her to make this decision for you?

I think you need to think your idea through a little more clearly. :)

Regards JO
Why would your PM take on such a HUGE responsibility?

What are the repercussions, should your PM miss a faulty tap or an oven that doesn't work? Any floor movement? Was your PM a builder?

hmmmm, a faulty tap or oven shouldn't be much a problem. I think it's only asking PM if it's a well maintained house? And only then I would send in building inspectors?

hmmmmm, *rethinking my strategy*
Glad to hear you're rethinking.
Big ask for a PM to "check out" houses for you, even if it's only for something as simple as ensuring it's still standing and everything works ;)
Do yourself a favour and hire a BA or get a friend or colleague to check out the places for you. When you're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, it's silly to skimp here and take the risks associated with buying sight unseen.
G'day all. As a PM, I would want my LL's, to ask me to have a look at anything they were interested in buying. I do appreciate, that most of my LL's ask me to find something for them, but the reality is, I dont have all the listings. Also, a building inspection, does not look at things from a potential tenants perspective, and I like to give my LL's just that. may I suggest that you contact your PM, perhaps they have tried to view, and in fact the selling agent has not been to obliging, but not shared that with you. I do know that it is very rare, however every now and then some " agent vs agent" stuff can happen. :)
If you trusted your PM firstly, ask them to resolve this, i do believe they would appreciate your trust and support.
Best wishes with the purchase.
When I was looking around for another IP, I got my PM to look at a few links for me (never asked him to personally go to the property).

Mostly I'd ask him roughly what a place would rent for and at other times if his firm was also the selling agent on the property, he would seek out some info such as whether it was in rentable condition or a total demolish job.

This however, depends on how good your relationship is with the PM and how much you are pushing the favours. I only asked for advice on a couple properties. These properties were in their local area.
Don't be such a lazy ****, due your own due dilligence... how can someone else's due dilligence who has a vested interest in it be good enough for you? You may as well not bother and buy whatever you come across online.
hmmmm, clarifying here......

I just need the PM to have a general look around in the house, that's all. No broken windows/doors, or any floor movement.........


Yeah agree with everyone here - that's pretty big responsibility / DD to be pushing back on your PM. I assume it's in a different city?