Using a different agency to sell an IP to the rental management agency

My IP is currently under a fixed term tenancy contract to end of August and I would like to start advertising during July to minimise the period the property is untenanted should the tenant wish to vacate at the end of his lease due to the IP being on the market.

I will certainly get a sales proposal from the sales section of the managing agent company however I do not want to restrict the market to only that company. I am interested in how people approached the situation where they used a different company to the company managing the rental. How did you go about getting access to the property to show other agents the property while the tenants were still there and how did you manage the open homes with the tenant in place.

I will also approach the company managing the property to see if the tenant wants to buy the property. I assume a sales commission would be payable in this instance?

Read you contract to see if there is anything regarding sales, otherwise contact the tenant direct.
The thing that may make using the property manager is they are the ones dealing with the tenant and if they want to make it hard for you they can make problems with granting access.
If you at least give them a chance to talk to you when interviewing agents to sell and decide to go with someone else just tell them your reasons.
I've found also that with some agencies the rental peole don't know what the sales people are doing and visa versa. so shouldn't be a problem using a different agent.
Thanks Travelbug

Was thinking of dropping a letter into the IP mailbox advising the tenant of our intentions to sell and giving them first option with a period to respond (say 1 week), then contacting the agency if I hear either a 'not interested' or no answer from the tenant.

Certainly agree about the rental side not talking with the sales side and vice versa of the managing agency. I'm going to give the managing agency the first chance to sell me their services but if another agency just suits me better than I don't want to sell myself short because I have to go with the agency managing the property (hence asking for ideas how to manage this relationship).

On a side note, I have also heard it beneficial to either give the tenant a reduced rent during the selling period, or a sweetner (eg movie tickets....) to keep them onside since they will need to open the place up for inspections while they are still living there.

Yep, and I wouldn't mind that at all.

There are many options, just have to think about how to include it so as to open the discussion.