Using equity to buy home to live in

My boyfriend and i want to buy a house to live in together once we are married (next year).

I have 2 IP's and both have some equity built up.

My boyfriend does not have any assets.

Would a bank be willing to lend based on equity as a deposit? Or would we still need to go through the normal process of showing a history of savings over a set period?
Haha- well the attraction is that he is a great guy :)

He does have a very good salary, as do I. So affording the extra payments is not a problem at all.

So essentially, if we were to access the equity in my investments and have the money ready to spend, we could buy a house without waiting for the standard 3-6-12 months of saving history that the banks are looking for in most cases?
Correct. Saving is for the very first one you buy. After that it is all equity mate ;)

Of course you can accelerate your purchases by saving for deposits as well.