Vacant apartment by incompetent property managers

I have an apartment that is managed by Unilodge Realty.
The apartment is not allowed to be managed by any other property manager, including oneself.

They continuously claim difficulty in finding tenants, so much so that my apartment has been vacant on and off in the last six months I have employed their services.

So I took matters into my own hands, and found a tenant who was happy to move in and I asked Unilodge to prepare a contract for him. They informed me that they had a tenant who had booked the room for a one-year lease from 17 December.

They said she will 'definitely move into your room'.

So on Tuesday 21st, I wrote to Unilodge checking the move went alright, and they said 'oh sorry we thought you would have been told, she ended up staying somewhere else. But we've found someone for your room in February'.

All this is in writing because it was email communication.

I want to claim back the rent I could have had had the boy I found moved in as I had arranged.

Can I claim breach of contract in their inadequate pursuit of tenants and claim actual damages for the rent I would have accrued had my candidate moved in?

I'm thinking of writing them a letter stating this, then if they refuse filing a claim with the CTTT.

But I'd really like someone's advice on this if anyone wishes to help!

Unilodge are not your "run of the mill" residential property managers. They are effectively a commercial accomodation company, and your managment contract is likely to be much tighter and restrictive than a "normal" residential property management arrangement.

Read you contract carefully on what conditions you have agreed to.

Good Luck,

The Y-man