vacating tenant

I have a tenant who is vacating in 2months time. The problem is all the blinds in the house are damaged, grass is knee high, there are people not listed as tenants living there, they refused entry to a real estate agent for a market appraisal and the dont answer any calls I give them or hang up when I call them. Should I issue them a breach of duty eventhough they are vacating anyway? I am worried if I do they will do further damage to the property. I really dont know the best course of action as I self manage. Advice needed pls.
1. Have you insurance?
2. Issue them of a inspection notice?
3. In the lease agreement were they responsible for managing the garden?
4. Are they up to date with there rent

I would speak to a rental dept in the area to take over the property and for the sake of a percentage each month they are there to manage these problems.

Good luck with this
Damaged blinds - can be covered by bond. (Please tell me you've lodged an adequate bond with the RTA.)

Grass knee high - probably can't do anything unless you've included a specific clause requiring them to maintain the gardens.

Unlisted tenants - you definitely need to address this or you negate any rights you may have to get rid of them (if you're aware they are there and don't insist they be listed or evict them, then they can become legitimate tenants with rights), and you may also jeopardise your insurance. (Please tell me you have adequate insurance.)

Refusing entry - they cannot do this; you need to immediately take action to redress this. You may get an urgent hearing at QCAT to obtain an entry order.

You definitely need to issue breach notices because how do you know they're leaving in 2 months? If they decide they don't want to leave, and you've not issued any notices, it'll take much longer to get them out.

The fact that you don't know all this already suggests to me that you probably shouldn't be self-managing. :eek:
I absolutely agree with everything Ozperp said.

The very minute a tenant steps out of line, you should do something about it. The longer things are left, the greater the problem becomes.

Not everybody is cut out to self manage. Sure, you save a small amount of $$ in the short term, but then you lose long term when you get bad tenants, and you don't act accordingly.
Too many breaches( notices given), late rent, calls to them ignored. Do I have to turn off the power and water to get them out????
Too many breaches( notices given), late rent, calls to them ignored. Do I have to turn off the power and water to get them out????

Just follow the letter of the law, and if it warrents eviction, then that is what you do. What you suggest is illegal.
My daughter's former landlord turned her power off.
Threw a big rock thru the front livingroom window.
We had already gone to the police that evening, and moved her cats to our place and set her up in a motel for a couple of weeks.
Thanks to that landlord...we started our IP journey:)

Then we served him with Residential Tenancy papers to attend the hearing.
She won.