Valex or Sandstone- Who are the valuers? Need a job!

Hey everyone.

I'm new here. Not sure if this is the right area to post, forgive me if it's not.

I have finished my B of Property Economics and am working as a Assistant Valuer (Resi) but have now been told all our positions become redundant in a few months, so I am after a more stable firm.

I'm guessing working for a Val company that does Valex or Sandstone is the way to go, right? QLD based firms only.

I've figured out Megaw and Hogg are Valex, any other firms work for Valex?
HTW, CBRE, McGees, Colliers etc..

I have no idea who works for Sandstone-

Anyone know someone who can help me get a job? I've got 1yr and 8 months experience as a Resi and really want to become qualified ASAP as I only need another 4 months. Also, I'd like to do a bit of commercial (regarding reports), as I havn't done much.

I'm very interested in HTW at Salisbury (closest to home), CBRE in Underwood, Megaw & Hogg at Springwood and any other firms after that.
Even a position with DERM I would accept.

So if anyone has any contacts in any of those areas and knows of a position coming up, I would greatly appreciate you letting me know.

It's so hard as I have a mortgage too, this is bad news no one wants to hear.

OR my other option is to do work experience 1 day a week with a Reg Valuer doing reports, resi and some commercial. My guys at work are a bit too busy to help me out :(

What about Propel Valuers but I am not sure if they are only in SA? There is also Herron Todd White.

Good luck!
Give Gavin Hulcombe a ring at HTW he is the Residential Director on the Northside and ask him if they are taking anyone on down south.

I know a few of the guys from HTW Southside but best to speak to Gav and see whats happening.

More than welcome to tell him i sent you.
Thankyou! I'll look into Propell Valuers if HTW,CBRE and Megaw don't work out.

Thanks QLD007, I actually did Work Experience with Tony and Andrew years back. Will give Gav a call. Do you know Tony or Andrew from Salisbury office? Are they still working there?