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From: Vlad Grinberg


I was wondering if anyone in the forum can advise me how much I should be paying for the valuation of 4 properties and consequently, which valuer should I select (all four properties are mortgaged to the Commonwealth Bank).

All 4 properties are in Melbourne and include 2 flats, 1 house and 1 villa unit.

Thanks in advance.
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From: Geoff Whitfield

Um, in the absence of better advice, call three valuers and ask for a quote?

I'd try to find valuers who are on the C/W board of approved valuers.

It may be worth while to first get some Real Estate agent valuations on at least one of your properties (bearing in mind it may well be inflated).

And if you are not happy with a valuation it may also be worth while getting another valuation. But that;s a risk you will have to take- the second valuation may even well be lower.
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Vlad

What should you be paying for revals ? Zero.

If BOM can do free top ups including vals on their Rocket Investment Loan product perhaps you can convince CBA to do the same.


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