Various JV Partners required

I am looking for assistance with various property deals.

I have a system that allows me to see good renovation properties before they go on the market. I have a good relationship with a number of real estate agents and they let me know about properties that have had appraisals done on them so if I like them I can put in an offer before the rest of the public.

In so doing I have identified a number of very good reno properties. But don't have enough $$$ of my own to do the deals. I saw 5 last week. All inner city and all partly finished. Need more work to finish them off and then on-sell for more money.

I have an associate who is an experienced project manager who is willing to work with us to get the properties completed with least amount of effort.

Most of the properties are starting at $400-500K with an average of between $50-100K work required. They can sell when completed (based on similar properties in the area for between $100-200K profit. With our system and ability to complete the deals quickly we will be able to turn these renos around very quickly.

I am currently frustrated by the fact that I do not have the $$ to do these deals myself so am asking for any GENUINE joint venture partners who have the financial ability and are looking for similar deals to let me know.


Shooting Star (aka Kate).



Id like to express interest, also like to see how the numbers stack up.

Where are you based? Where are the properties?
I would prefer an email or private message.