Veda Credit File - What's this mean??

Hey - I post this here as I suppose it goes to ones ability to borrow...

I ordered the free version of my credit records, and every thing seems ok - but for one entry under the heading of 'Commercial Credit Information':

5 March 2009 - American Exp New Accts NSW
Reference: AN enquiry about you in reference to a Credit Card Account
Amount: $0​

By way of background, the description of this section is: 'This part of your file may contain information about credit that you or your company or business have sought which was intended to be used for commercial or business activities.'

Now I have never applied to Amex for Commercial Credit, I've had my credit card with them since 2007 and another part of the credit report shows they periodically check my file...what should i do about this transaction?? Is it bad, $0?? Should I try have it removed or leave it?
a few commercial / business lenders - when they do facility reviews they also come out and check your veda to determine your internal 'risk rating'
If you declare you have an AMEX card you will be fine. The fact that's its listed at $0 would generally mean there's no particular application for a loan amount. I had a client the other day who had a letter from AMEX decreasing his card amount because he hadn't used it in over 12 months. They still did a credit entry to do this !