Verbal or written offer??

Hi All,

We are looking at purchasing our first IP in Melbourne and would like some feedback on prefered methods of offer. Do you prefer to provide a verbal offer first and then follow up with a written (incl conditions) or go written first? Also should the written be from your conveyancer/solicitor?

Thanks is advance
Remember a verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on..

But having said that, the properties I bought (in QLD) had a 1 or 2 day lag between my verbal offer and me signing the contract.. Just don't be surprised if someone guzumps you in the meantime.

I can only say for QLD that you don't need a conveyencer to physically write up your contract, but by all means use your solicitor to advise you on what conditions, and all other details to write in.. Maybe someone from Vic can confirm?
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