Verge collections - WA suburbs

Hi everyone! Thought it would be interesting/useful to start a thread with info on the current suburbs which have kerbside collections. You can find all kinds of fascinating stuff on verges.... I have a solid wooden coffee table which I am going to have a bash at doing a Louis 16th paintjob on, completely fit for purpose, rescued from the side of the road...

But I digress.... If anyone wants to swing past and have a look, Gwelup (postcode 6016) has a kerb collection starting from today. It's household goods so there's all sorts out there. We have put two boxes of perfectly good tiles on our kerb, for example - ideal for a toilet or laundry area.

Go on, drive past and have a look, you never know your luck! :p
We put out a working CRT tv and a 42" plasma which still works but not for much longer.
Gwelup pick up is supposed to be from today and stuff has been piling up for the past week.
I saw the furniture store guys over the weekend going through stuff.
Hubby has brought home a trailer load of treasures today, some of which truly are treasures and some I'll be trying to get him to put on our footpath for our own collection in a week or so :roll eyes:.

We used to have a huge outdoor wrought iron setting with eight chairs that we bought from Hawkins on sale for about $1000 but had originally been over $2000 (probably nearly 20 years ago). Classic design, very heavy, we moved on and sold them a couple of years back.

Was at a friends one day and saw the same setting by their pool. They'd picked them up off the footpath. I cannot believe what people throw out. Why not sell them? They would have got at least $1000 for them.
Sort of a side issue, I got a tip from a friend that the Queens Hotel were ditching all their chairs and upgrading.

I collected 10 art deco style chairs from the Queens Hotel Bin at the rear car park, dragged DH along, took some persuading, we have no shame.

I thought my daughter would fall in love with them as they were quite funky, unfortunately she did not so I promptly placed them on my verge, gone within 1 hour.

I am sure they are collectable;)
You see the semi professionals with ute and trailer in tow doing the rounds.

If you where savvy & organised could probably make a six figure income from it?