Victorian Median House Prices 1997-2008

Victorian Median House Prices 1997 to 2008, (in link form), courtesy from Heraldsun newspaper, I think published around July 2008, and is via Victorian Valuer-General Valuations, for the decade, '97-07: house prices by suburb.pdf

Towns, suburbs and cities...


More extensive/other time frame data/graph source:

"Where can I purchase the publication “A Guide to Property Values”?

You can order your copy on-line or email or phone (03) 8636 2456.

Can I access information on the Internet about the Annual Property Sales Statistics Publication?

The Guide to Property Values is the most comprehensive and authoritative reference for all types of property prices including residential, commercial, industrial and rural. This annual publication shows property statistics across Victoria, which is produced using data obtained from Valuer-General Victoria, is available in hardcopy, CD or PDF format."

The guide contains many statistics tables and graphs, including 1985-2007 sales volumes and median and mean prices by local government areas/municipalities; 1996-2007 for suburb/township, 1985-2006 for number and total value sales for all residential, industrial and commercial transactions in rural and metropolitan areas.

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Property Titles and Maps

Property Victoria newsletter

Property Victoria is a regular property information publication produced by Land Victoria.

Each edition features different information to help build an authoritative and broad picture of property activity in Victoria.

Topics include state-wide valuation information, median property sales prices and updates on new online property information services.

Distributed by email, Property Victoria provides much sought after property information to media outlets, property analysts, and other stakeholders.
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