Victoria's homes bonanza

Is it really booming again?

And how about the house in Ringwood - "And a three-bedroom brick veneer in Ringwood sold for $701,000. It was on the market at $500,000."

I think this spells great things for the ringwood area. With some major development of the shopping centre and town precinct about to commence towards the end of the year, the already completed eastlink and other great things planned for this area, Ringwood, North Ringwood and Mitcham seem to be great medium to long terms prospects.

What does everyone think ?
Was the last weekend of the big grant, it starts getting fazed out from now on. Will be interested to see what the rest of spring yields ...
Was the last weekend of the big grant, it starts getting fazed out from now on. Will be interested to see what the rest of spring yields ...

Actually Ben it was the second last week-end - one more to go :p;)

Like you I will interested to see what effect, if any, $3,500 less cash in the hands of a FHB will do to the market. My guess is - not much - let's see :)
Might as well have been the last week, considering next weekend is AFL grand final and is traditionally one of the quitest weekends atleast for victoria

but i agree - a bit less of the grant is not going to deter most people.. This year there have been many surprises and I think one of the bigger surprises to come is a possible continuation of this boom throughout spring inspite of the reduction in the grant. I can't see any slow down for a few months while the momentum is there !
Spoke to a girl at work. She has just bought into that Ringwood street 3 months ago.

She said that the land is very large in that street and are being subdivided.
Propertyunity, house is correct, slow weekend next week so might as well be the last weekend. It will be interesting how it goes though, maybe phasing out of the bonus will be offset against the traditionally strong spring sales?
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Wouldn't it mean the the FHOG buyers have planned their purchases this side of Oct to nab the extra 3.5k and so most will be done with buying by then. And if the property you want is on sale would the grand final really keep you from the auction?

And if you were selling would it be a good idea to schedule for Grand Final to take advantage of the fewer on sale?
I can only assume by the lack of property avail on G.F day that it isn't a good day to sell or more people would be doing it.

Everytime I have purchased at auction (all Melbourne) I had never seen the house before except 30 or so mins prior to the hammer falling and twice got caught out with no cheque book. So I guess you would lose my type on grand final day because I would be watching the footy and drinking a few frosty's.

Everyone likes a bit of a crowd around their auction. doubt you would get much G.F day.......I know what your saying it only takes 2 people and you can have an auction but your missing the people who just come for a sticky beak who become interested in the property and as a vendor you'd want that......I know I would.

I sort wished I lived in Melbourne still..... my partner and I would get up early grab the newspapers and the melways and go to a cafe named toast and plan our day out I use to love that.

But maybe its a good day to buy if what your interested in is up for grabs on that particular day.
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