Vinyl Wallpaper on Fibro

Just bought an IP in Western Sydney.

There is vinyl wallpaper on fibro in the bathroom:eek:
Should I try removing (looks awful) or paint over?
Do not paint over ,
If it is in a wet area as your is,it is possible they have used a water resistant glue.
Normal procedure for removing wallpaper rarely works if this is the case.

Try this first,
Wallpaper can easily be taken off by tearing the top layer of paper off, Take off as much as you can so that the paper underneath is visible. Using a garden sprayer, mix a bottle of methalated spirits with a approx 6 litres of warm water Make sure you put rolled up towels at the base of the wall to protect the carpet. Spray the walls until they are wet and the water is soaking into the paper Have a cup of coffee and spray the walls once again, Now it should be very easy to remove the wallpaper without damaging the walls. Make sure you remove all the glue by scrubbing, and to be sure scrub it again. If you don't get all the glue off, the acrylic paint that you apply will bubble up. I like to apply an oil based undercoat just in case. If you find you have damaged the walls or the previous person has done the damage. I use a filler called Cornice cement or Base coat, this is the one that the plasterers use. You can buy it at the hardware or plasterers shop (Cheap) Use a wide blade to fill all the scrapes and gouges and let dry, sand off with fine sandpaper, seal the patches and your ready to paint

If this doesn't work because it is a water resistant glue PM me and I'll tell you a way to get it off easy.