Virtual painting software

I found this software a while ago and found it very useful. There are a lot of these type of software on the net, but this one is the only free one I found that lets you add your own pictures into it.
You are stuck with the Resene company (NZ paint co) colour schemes, but you'll get an idea how your house/rooms will look with different schemes.

Its pretty easy to learn, takes a while to add in your pictures and to define areas etc.. but the tutorial guides you through it.
I found this very worthwhile, hope others will too :

Its about 20meg so it will take a while to get it if you have dialup.
Fredo, not sure what you mean by "writing of the images".

If you are talking about how to get your photo in to be able to use it, it's actually fairly simple.

Open the EasyPath software. You can then go to Help/Getting Started and it explains it all.

In a nutshell :
Select your image,
choose new path and give it a name, (eg weatherboards)
pick a representative colour for the area,
use the polygon to select the area you want (eg all the weatherboards),
choose fill,
save path,
repeat for other areas (eg windows, roof, etc...)
It gets a little bit trickier with textures (ie tinned roof) but they explained a little bit in the help.
Then just open it in EasyPaint and experiment with colour combos.

That's from memory, best to consult their help guide.
Hope that helps,