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From: See Change

Having been informed by several somersoft members that I was sending them virus contaminated emails , I down loaded the latest Dat file for my Virus program ( mcafee ) and scanned my computer

The result zip , zilch , nothing!!!

Does this mean that Mcafee isn't doing the job or could my hotmail address be sending of emails on its own . ? can this happen ?
Any other possibilities ?

Help ... please

see change
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From: Yuch .

Hi SC,

Hotmail updates its Mcfee all the time. And also if Hotmail finds a virus in your emails, you will not be able to open those emails anyway. So it is highly unlikely that you spread virus around from your hotmail account.

Most likely your PC is infected with a virus. Go to click on downloads and download the latest anti virus software. Maybe try Norton anti virus?

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