Visa requirement for New Caledonia

I am applying for a visa for my wife (Australian Permanent Resident) for us to travel to New Caledonia on a cruise ship. I am an Australian and do not require a visa.

One of the visa requirement is: Evidence of sufficient financial resources: recent bank statement (credit card statement not acceptable) with name of the account holder, last 3 payslips.
We can provide last 3 payslips without any problems.

However, all our savings is held up jointly in CBA - MISA account, which has no statements (to the best of my knowledge). Neither does the MISA account display the name of the account holder(s) when a transactions list is printed.

We could transfer funds into our debit card account (which has statements) but this is obviously less than desirable not just because we lose out on our savings not offsetting the loan balance of our PPOR but also, transferring all funds into an account at once will show up on the statement and will not demonstrate consistent savings. The MISA however, has a track record of consistent savings for years, all routed through the debit card account, interestingly.

Any ideas about how we can demonstrate sufficient financial resources using savings in MISA? Has anybody come across a situation like this before?

Thank you for your time.