WA: Home owners being prosecuted for dodgy lodgings

Here's the link:

Sounds pretty horrific. We have, on occasion, found tenants have had friends move in to sleep on the couch, but fortunately only rarely. We dealt with it by sitting down with them and having a very clear discussion about their responsibilities (and ours too) and making it clear that it wasn't acceptable.

I've also had emails enquiring about our properties, which have sounded fine, until it emerged that the person enquiring was one of a family of seven (2 adults, five kids, one a baby). For a two bedroom apartment we considered this wasn't appropriate and told him why. He couldn't understand why it was a problem, but we stuck to our guns.

Anybody else had situations like this 'evolve' in your time owning properties?
I think the article is really about situations where the landlords have been the ones renting out rooms or half-rooms to multiple tenants - rather than tenants bringing in their own hordes of friends/family to live with them.

Although not sure how the 29 people in the 2 bedroom place happened.
We once had a youngish Indian couple apply for an IP who were very keen to sign up and we would have been happy to accept them until they told us it was for two couples and their children. In a small three bedroom, one bathroom house it would have been a strain and added wear and tear so we declined.