Wagga Wagga Property Manager

Hi guys,

Can anyone reccomend a good PM in Wagga. I'm likely to buy in a less than desirable area so a good PM will be very helpful.


How did the shopping trip go?

My advice (if you don't get a recommendation) is to first ring a few and ask the questions then compile a list of ones to visit.

I asked a while ago what questions to ask but didn't get many answers.

Ask how long it takes to rent a property similar to yours and what type of tenants you are likely to get. As I mentioned before ask if they will list a property in that area. I found some don't want to bother with properties in certain areas. Also ask what type of properties are in demand (before you buy of course). Look at their photos, descriptions etc on RE.com and ask about other advertising or how they will find you a suitable tenant.

One I didn't think to ask was "do you show people the property?" Sounds weird I know but one PM, when receiving phone calls about the property told people to drive past first. Then if they were interested ring back and they will show it. When I mentioned that sounded negative (OK if you STILL want to look after you've seen the street ring back). But They said that's not true and is policy of their office. I just assumed they'd show people through.:D

A good PM can make a world of difference (especially in areas that don't have low vacancy rates).
Hi travelbug,

The shopping trip went well. It was good to acually drive through and inspect some of these places in person. I must admit (and I haven't visited the place at night, lived in it or even spent much time out of the car for that matter) but Ashmont seems OK.

There were some really nice streets with well maintained homes, kids playing outside and in general, a nice community feel about them. Then there were other streets that looked less desirable.

The area that I'm keen on looks like it has improved. There are new retirement units, some newish looking units and a couple of vacant blocks - there doesn't seem to be too many DOH houses.

I've spoken to a few PMs about the particular street and surrounding area where I'm looking to purchase. All have said that it should be rented out quickly - and all seem interested in managing it.

So far, all the REA's I've spoken to have said that anything in the sub $300 p.w market doesn't stay vacant for long. I'm still a little uncertain - especially when taking into account the number of rentals available on www.realestate.com.au - but then again, maybe that many rentals is about right for a population of 65,000

I spoke with a lady from Ray White today - she seemed pretty switched on, honest and knowledgable about Ashmont. She's currently renting a house on the street where I'm looking to purchase. The tenants are an elderly couple and the rent is the same as what the REA selling the house I'm interested in suggested it would rent for.

I've asked about the types of tenants the place will attract and the advice has been different each time - a couple, a single mum with kids, an eldery couple, ect. Either way, its the type of tenant that will make all the difference with purchasing in this part of the world.

I'll definately question the PM about their method of "showing" people their properties. I agree, having a PM tell you to drive past and call if you're still interested sounds less than desirable.


Had successful dealings with Elders Breust at Wagga, cnr Edward & Fitzgerald Sts., Mary Fitzgerald used to be PM, then went to Sales, I'd ask through her for a referral to the PM.
I have used a lass by the name of Christine at Wes Russell First national for a bit over 2 years now.
I havent had any concerns with her as yet, although the property I have was newly built when i purchased it and rented in the $300+ category.
She appears reasonably proactive with rental increases and seems to have a handle on local tradies and handy men/women.
All the best