WAIP meeting 14/10

Last night's WAIP meeting contained not one but two highly interesting and informative speakers who were willing to give up their time to spend an evening sharing their knowledge with the rest of us. Thanks to Grace and Aaron and also to Jenny who sets these meetings up.
Here here. Absolutely fabulous speakers.

Passionate about what they do, and a very detailed working knowledge of aspects of property investing that the average punter just doesn't have - hence needed.

I reckon Grace's business is going to go thru the roof, such a dramatic difference.....only question is - would Perthites pay for that difference. We are very much like Americans with our habits - so I reckon they will and she's onto a winner.

What can you say about Bluecard. What a legend. The man must know every street and development in Perth. Is there a council in WA he doesn't know every 3rd tier secretary and planner ?? Now that boy adds value. Good luck in the coming weeks Aaron - I predict you'll be flooded with enquiries from the listeners last night.

Sooooo refreshing to have normal folks up there talking about real stuff that real people and real investors can relate to. No poxy $ 1,500 seminars selling for tonight only at the low low rate of just $ 99, and you can join the mentoring program for just $ 777 and get to have one ten minute call with the guru valued at $ 300.....pfffttt.

They both inspired me with their knowledge and passion.

Good onya Jenny for organising - bonza effort this month.
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Good Job!


Just echoing Attrill and TPFKAD's sentiments - a very interesting and enjoyable night.

Nice also to meet a few new people.

Can't add anything here to what others have said about last night's speakers other than my full thanks and appreciation.

Both speakers were highly informative on very interesting topics - a great combination! No hard sell but still a clear demonstration of the value they provide in their businesses.

Well done guys and thanks to Jenny again for going to the trouble to put all this on for us...
i call for a big round of applause for Jenny.

seriously - timtams in the biscuit tray? you're lucky i was speaking....!

i wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone for getting involved. "Q&A" sessions work so much better than just "A" sessions.

Grace - i suspect she'll be inundated with calls. what she spoke about just resonated so well with me - it was like one of those little "light bulb" moments - esp about taking a photo of your rooms and then viewing on the computer as a third party.