Wakelin: Feedback good or bad



From: David Simon

Hi just trying to deciding whether to use Wakelin Property Advisory group to purchase my first IP.

Just wondering if anyone has used them or has any feedback about the service they provide.

They seem to have a good operation and don't appear to be out to rip people off.

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From: Michael Yardney

Richard Wakelin has a very good reputation and is one of the few, who in my opinion, talks sense at his seminars.
I know of a few of our clients who have used him in the past and are very happy.
He is basically a buyers advocate and only seems to recommend established properties. Before they were in Melbourne's inner eastern suburbs, but now he is also looking in the inner northern suburbs.
If you do not feel confident that you have the knowledge to choose a good investment property, then you could do a lot worse than using Wakelin. He won't steer you wrong, but in today's market it is hard for a buyers advocate to find yon a good buy. You will also miss the opportunities that some new developments may offer as he seems to steer clear of those.
Michael Yardney
Metropole Properties
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