Wakelin Property Advisory

From: Marc Krisjanous

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this company in sourcing IP. They are Melbourne based and one of the directors - Monique Wakelin has written the Streets Ahead Book.

Best Regards

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From: Iggy V

Hmmm ... funny you should mention it. A frined of mine called me yesterday asking me if I've heard of them. He's going to their seminar on saturday. I can post some feedback after the weeeknd.
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From: Mark Laszczuk

She also writes articles for API magazine. Also was seen on Paul Clitheroe's section of A Current Affair last week I think? Talking up certain suburbs in Melbourne that are undervalued.

'no hat, some cattle'
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From: Fiona W


I remember that their property seminar was the first one I ever went to and I learnt so much. I was interested in using their services and I rang and spoke to Monique Wakelin and thought she was great. She actually convinced me not to go with them because she felt that what I was doing was fine. She was really helpful and answered all my questions without trying to push anything on to me at all. I thought she was really genuine and was really impressed.

- Fiona
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