Wanna chill out to some music? try Mr VJ!

I always like listening to music, chilling out to music and just reflecting on life with music. Music is a big part of my life.

As a result, i am always looking out for new music.

Now I'm a big Pink Floyd fan. got all of their stuff and love it. I must've listened to Dark Side of the Moon thousands and thousands of times. I know every beat of The Wall and also know every beat and every note for Wish You Were here, Animals etc...

But, a few months ago, i came across a Japanese Progressive Rock band called "The Far East Family Band" (TFEFB) and there are instances of their musc that can be directly Floyd. TFEFB were around in the early 70s and their music at the time was almost the same as the Floyd's at the time. In other words, i don't know who was first.

But if you are interested in the FLoyd or progressive rock in general, then i strongly recommend you check out The Far East Family Band.

Very good music.