Wanted - Agapanthus

Does anyone in Newcastle or even an hour or so drive from here have Aganpanthus plants they need removing?

Even as far as Sydney for a large enough number :)

I am reno'ing a garden on a rental place and looking for easy care mass plantings. These will fit in the streetscape wonderfully.

Very familiar with them - have used hundreds in the past. They bvenefit from subdivision every 3-4 years and often people doing this have dozens of spares.

No environmental problems in this urban area and every second home has them.

Only problem I have is the kids break the flowers off along the fence on their way home from school. I can't really complain as it is exactly what I would have done as a primary school kid walking home on a hot summer afternoon ...
I don't mean to argue with you. However (I guess that means that now I'm going to ...:D), agapanthus has been declared an environmental weed in NSW. These, according to your state Department of Primary Industries are:

''plants that represent a threat to the conservation values of natural ecosystems. They invade native plant communities and out-compete them causing a reduction in plant diversity and resulting in a loss of habitat for native animals.''

I like aggies too, but that doesn't make it a responsible decision to plant them.:)
I understand what you are saying. But this house has 30+ already as does every home in the street ....

We are miles from any bushland too.

But point taken...
Sign up to your local Freecycle list, there's usually heaps of people giving the things away, and you can always ask for some.

Google should give you the url, prolly freecycle.com.au or .org. Freecycle groups are done through Yahoo groups, so you need a Yahoo account.