Wanted: volunteers in consumer debt

Hello, I hope this post is allowed, and not considered 'soliciting'.

I have written a 'how to' book entitled "Get debt-free ASAP". It helps the reader to get out of consumer debt so that they can qualify for a 'good debt' loan, or just stop paying interest on consumer purchases.

I know that the processes that I write about worked for me, as the book is based on personal experience, but I also know that I am a bit of a strange one. I don't fit into any of the normal boxes. I was looking for a few 'normal' people who would volunteer to be guinea pigs and test my techniques on their own personal finances.

They would need to be in some kind of consumer debt, as opposed to IP debt. If anyone knows anyone who would be suitable, you can email me through here, or PM me and I will give you my contact details....

Hi All,
Thanks for all your wonderful responses! I now have enough people to trial my book on. I'll let you know when it is published!

Thanks, :)