wanting IP carpet cheap??

From: Brent H.

Anyone in Victoria (in fact, all of Australia) who is looking to get carpet replaced in any of their properties within the next 12 months or so - drop me a line because I may have some information about the carpet industry which might be of interest. It's mostly on how to pick carpet up at disgustingly cheap prices, when, where and why.

So e-mail me at hodgson@dragon.net.au (Or come see me at the Sydney Picnic)




P.S. - I'm just offering information I received from people within the industry - *And before you ask, no I'm not selling carpet*
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From: Brent H.

Just a note -

The reason I'm not announcing it publicly is because it's a small niche which is likely to become costly if word gets out.
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From: Sim' Hampel

Is it flying carpet ?

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