Hi People

Have been looking at Warrnambool in Vic. There is to be some LNG plant exanpansion in the near future and heard Margaret Lomas spruik the suburb for good growth as a result of future infastructure projects. Seems to be relatively cheap buy in price with resemble yeilds.

Has anyone been looking in this area, recently bought or got any opinions on the the town?

Has anyone got or dealt with a good realestate agent in the area?

We went there late last year while on a weekend trip (stayed up near the 12 Apostles at "Macca's Farm").

I thought it was quite nice, and it reminded me a lot of Bendigo for some strange reason. Maybe the buildings?

I don't know a lot about it, but it seems to me it is a place based around the milking industry?

There seemes like a lot of tourist activity would be the attraction there, but I don't know about long term job prospects etc for sustained growth. The new LPG plant will spike it for a while (a bit like Wonthaggi with the de-sal plant). Both these places will have a large influx of workers to set the projects up, but after that; who knows.

What will happen after the setting up teams have left?

A few hundred extra employees may or may not make any difference to property prices and rentals in the long term.

It may be good for a shorter to mid term invest and then sell?

My suggestion would be to go down there for a week's holiday and have a really good look around.

Not in the peak times (mid winter would be a better time), and while you are down there make sure you visit the Loch Ard Gorge. "The 'Bool" has got a very nice golf course as well.